Monday, May 4, 2009

A very bad blogggger.

Just a short apology to anyone who does actually read it..I had a few "burps" in life and this got put on the back burner. It's about to return as we gear up for summer waldorf schooling at home. I will post some pictures of the wool paintings we did last week, but for this week the goal is to just get a schedule going...something like out of the Christopherus manual a friend sent me..
wake up: Breakfast
Free Play
Fix Lunch (cooking lesson)
Eat Lunch together
Clean up
Quiet time with a story
Get Eli from Bus
Do a craft/movement/singing/handwork thing
Fix Dinner
Eat Family dinner with candlelight

That's basically it. Waldorf for preschool is insanely simple. We will have many days when we'll have free play at parks with other kids and may have to change things around, but really, this is a good daily rhythm for anyone. Fridays when Kira joins us is definitely a craft and park day at least until Eli is out of school in July.

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