Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blech, what a day!

Just have to vent a little bit about a lousy day so a speeding ticket, and it just trashed my mood for the day. Oh, and I gained back 2 lbs, too.

Enough...I'm going to focus on the positive for the rest of the day and see how it goes!

Monday, May 19, 2008

OK..the Low Carb is Working!

Ok, so I did the first week of the induction period and lost nearly 8 lbs. I'm amazed and delighted. This week I am adding in 3 days a week work outs and still doing the induction period. The headaches are gone and my face is starting to clear up. It was a hard week, but I keep saying to myself, it's for my health and well-being. I need to live a long time!!

In other news, I am SO busy now that I am making more friends. I found a gym and diet buddy in a mom from my son's classroom and I'm so grateful..she's one of those master organizers so we'll be involved in doing a LOT of things together and with the kids. Eli will keep having social exposure even after school ends, which is good.

I am so glad I restarted this, I so needed to start feeling good about myself again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Focus on Me

Well, I just started a low carb diet again and I must say that the book I got from the library really rocks my world. Wonderful recipes, fast and easy execution and goooood food. Tonight we had shrimp scampi over greens and roasted asparagus. Boy, was that good.

So the book is Low Carb Meals in Minutes by Linda Gassenheimer and I highly recommend this for ease of use and deliciousness. I have a headache tonight thanks to not having sugar, but I am hoping the end results will be worth the brief headaches.

So, the new me will be a better me in a few weeks. Right now I'm still struggling along with weight and health, but I hope to feel a lot better soon!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Trying to find new focus

Hey there! It's been really hard lately to remember that I have a blog and that anyone might actually be watching for updates.

So, in the last two months many things have happened in our lives. Some of them are exciting, some are just ordinary. Mostly they are ordinary and we just go on day by day.

We began a local preschool coop group locally and Sophie and I have been busy with that once a week and enjoying learning new things and being with our friends. Some of our friends have left the group we belong to when some stuff happened I can't write about publicly and it's been a struggle to hold together the group as a whole. I find myself not wanting change and embracing it. I am always looking for friends and people to know.

I also just finished a series of knitting classes which I taught. It never goes how I expect. I had a ton of people interested in taking my class, and only 1 actually took it in the end. She is really doing well with her knitting and enjoys it, which in turn gives me joy. I'm about to try and start a new series of classes and see if I can get any more interest. Lots of people want to, but as moms it is often hard for us to find time.

Not much else to say. Sophie is getting big and beautiful and we think she is reading many words now. Tom and her work together to count to 100 nightly, too. Sophie loves to read and count and play pretend and just be herself. She is such a doll, but also 3.5 so she can also be very trying!! Here is a picture of her all dressed up.

Hopefully we'll be back soon!