Friday, October 5, 2007

The Zoo!!

Today we went to the teaching zoo at the local community college. One of the members of the playgroup we belong to is a graduate and gave us a tour. It was so neat, the animals are kept in a beautiful natural layout and are so healthy and pretty. We took lots of pictures and if you peruse my photobucket you can see about 20 that turned out ok. The link is listed below, I hope.
The picture here is of a white footed gibbon..he was swinging around and watching US.

Sophie fell at the snake exhibit and hurt her foot, though, and was kind of grumpy and wouldn't look at the snakes. She cheered up when we saw turtles, though. She was terrified of the gators, however. They also have some beautiful bald eagles, which are really HUGE birds.

Come visit us in Gainesville soon, the exibits are free but you must take a guided tour. They have tours all weekend long!