Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wet on Wet Watercolor, and Porridge!

Today's rhythm was based on a very tired mommy who needed to clean and eat well! So, after some rest this morning while Sophie played, I made real scottish oatmeal for the first time, otherwise known as porridge. I convinced Sophie to take a taste (after it was covered in maple syrup and half and half) by closing her eyes and opening her mouth. She really liked it and asked for a second bite, and then her own bowl. She only ate about 3 more bites before she was done, but every time we get her to try a new food, I'm a happy mom.

After breakfast, Sophie had more free play while I got myself alive with some coffee and got dressed and what not. We had spaghetti for lunch after I cleaned the kitchen. She decided not to help me with that, which was fine. Today was a TV day because I am really worn out from being ill. I'm just glad she is eating well today.

After Eli got home, we got ready for some wet on wet watercolor painting. I had Sophie choose two colors and I chose two colors and we mixed up the color together. Then we got our sponges and paper and moved into the dining room. We wet our sponges and wet our paper. Then we got to the painting part! I never had so much fun. This time I got the wetness right on the good paper, so the colors spread and melded together wonderfully. I started by making 4 trees..they all melted together in the green part and Sophie suggested they needed sunshine so we put some breaking through the trees. I'm so pleased with it. I should mention that I'm not at all artistic so this is a new journey for ME as well as the children. Eli decided not to paint today, but I've left out paper and a watercolor strip for him if he changes his mind. Sophie made her colors spread over the page and was interested in the new colors she made with them..(she had red and yellow and then borrowed my green and brown later). She loved the way the color spread everywhere.

Tomorrow we have our babysitting job, Kira. We plan to do some more painting and also make valentines before going over to our friends house for free play.

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